Caroline Gallagher

When I joined the gym last year, I was recovering from a badly sprained ankle and also have suffered with a lower back injury since 2005. 

A year on and we have progressed where I now cannot remember which ankle I injured and I can actually get through an abs session without humiliating myself. 

Chris has pushed me in the direction I needed to go, forward, and he has done it with his extensive knowledge, positive attitude and great humour.  


James Hudson

I didn’t really understand the value of a PT until I started to work with Chris, not only does he provide a challenging and varied training programme but he’s ensured that I’m meeting my goals by assisting me to understand how to get there. 


Chris has been great at fixing my shoulder which was particularly weak and immobile and now not only do I have no problems and have a full range of motion but I’ve gained a lot of strength too. 


Chris takes into account the full picture, nutrition, prior injuries, current training, impact of my job, and really understood my goals when providing me with a training programme. 


Kathryn Hopwood

Chris was a great help at Chester FC during the 2017-2018 season. He worked with a number of players within the first team providing rehabilitation work on and off the pitch


 He worked on an individual basis and also provided some group sessions with the players. Prior to training sessions and on match days Chris would also lead the warm up ensuring the players were ready to take part.


Alison Weaver

I started working with Chris in April 2018 and in the six months since then I’ve seen significant results (7cm from my waist & hips / 1.5cm from arms and legs) from a combination of his expertise, dedication and a bit of hard work on my side! My goal was to tone up and build strength whilst keeping my weight stable -   Chris took the time to understand my needs and my current exercise regime which enabled him to build programmes that developed my confidence in the gym as well as stretching and challenging what I thought I could achieve. I would highly recommend Chris as a personal trainer who can help you transform and achieve real tangible results.



Jamie Northrop

I found out earlier this year I needed to have ACL reconstruction in my left knee and the graft was to be taken from my hamstring. I immediately begun asking around for advice and another instructor recommended Chris. We booked in for some ‘pre-hab’ sessions to try to get my legs as strong as possible.

Post-op we booked back in for rehab as soon as the physiotherapist advised I could. Chris has been really supportive throughout and really made my re-hab better than I imagined by keeping things varied and offering me alternatives to what the physiotherapist sets. I am only 11 weeks post-op now but I am further ahead in the game than anyone imagined and I believe this is due to the advice and help Chris has given me.


Shannon Reid

I have been having PT sessions with Chris for over 12 months and I cannot recommend him enough! 

Chris is fabulous at what he does and always ensures that you get the most out of your sessions, he is also considerate when you are having a tough day or are lacking motivation!

Fitness wise through my sessions with Chris I have learnt lots of new exercises and movements and the importance of warming up before a session! Chris changes up the sessions each time which is positive and includes a strength and conditioning part at the end which I really enjoy as it gets the heart rate up and makes you work extra hard at the end of the session. 

I would highly recommend Chris if you're considering sessions, he is a brilliant PT and after 12 months of sessions a great friend too. 


Chris Delemere

I signed up with Chris as I wanted to focus on my posture and movement which has been negatively affected by years of sitting at a desk all day.  Chris is not only knowledgeable, he also has a genuine interest with this subject and this is evident in his commitment and dedication to all of his clients.  We do a variety of new and different exercises every session which keeps it interesting and increases my own knowledge and the range of exercises that I can do.  We also get a updated training plan every month which gives a new focus and stops me getting bored.  Improving posture and increasing movement can't be done overnight however within a couple of weeks I could already see and feel an improvement which keeps getting better

Malcolm after.jpg

Malcolm Stewart

I stared training with Chris last June, having become some what rudderless and with out definite goals to aim for. Chris has helped me step up a gear and take my training and nutrition to a new level. I’ve lost over stone in the last 3 months my body fat,resting heart rate and blood pressure are right down. Chris has made me highly motivated and proved that mid life spread is not inevitable with good guidance and some hard work.