Text Neck

What are the chances you’re reading this article from your phone? People spend five hours every day looking at their phone. Add to this driving, working on your computer and you’re spending a lot of the time in the same rounded position. Kyphosis occurs when there is excessive curvature of the spine, eventually causing a hump-like appearance in the upper back. This usually is caused by poor posture and bad movement patterns resulting in muscles imbalances. Overtime, this can cause aches and pains in your neck, shoulders and also lead to headaches Obviously, ditching our devices isn’t really an option. Instead, what we can do is make sure we exercise right and practice good habits to prevent the aches and pains associated with text neck.

After years of looking down at people (being the size of small giraffe does have it’s negatives! This is something I’ve also suffered from but I’m slowly improving!

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