Knee valgus?

Knees falling in when you squat or run? Knee pain? Knee valgus is a very common occurrence in the gym and sport! It can be thought of as the knee caving inwards (hip adduction and hip internal rotation). This can cause issues and lead to ACL injuries, IT band syndrome and knee pain. So what causes knee valgus? The most common reasons are: 1. Poor Glute strength Weak glute max and glute medius can result in the knee ‘caving in’, 2. Reduced Ankle mobility Poor ankle dorsiflexion will cause your foot to fall in (pronate), which in hand causes your knee and hip to turn inwards (internal rotation), resulting in knee valgus. Other common causes? -Poor movement patterns -Poor hamstring and quad function to help stabilise the knee -Reduced Hip and ankle stability -Hip width (more common in women)

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